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CD DVD Blu-ray Replication / Manufacturing

Replication is the manfacturing process in which commercial quality CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs are produced. Along with standard CD and DVD discs, we offer replication of Blu-ray, mini CD/DVD, Business Card CD/DVD, Custom Shaped CD/DVD, DVD-9, DVD-10, Dual Disc (CD/DVD Hybrid Disc), and Blu-ray Disc.

Choose from an array of packaging options. Everything from simple discs in bulk to custom designed packaging. Contact us today to get started.

Blu-ray Replication CD Replication
Blu-ray Replication
Standard CD-ROM, CD-AUDIO Replication
DVD Replication FLEX DVD Replication
DVD-5 Replication.  Standard 4.7GB DVD Replication and Packaging.
Flexible DVD Replication, perfect for direct mailing
DVD-9 Replication DVD-10 Replication
DVD-9 is a double layer single sided DVD format with almost double the capacity of a standard DVD (DVD-5)
Double Sided DVD Discs
Mini CD Replication Mini FLEX DVD Replication
8cm in diameter.  About half the size of a standard CD.
Mini Flexible DVD Replication
Business Card CD Business Card Flex DVD
Choose from hockey rink or rectangle shapes
Business Card DVD Replication
Dual Disc Replication Custom Shaped CD DVD
Hybrid disc, one side CD, the other side DVD
Custom shaped CD and DVD replication.