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DVD Replication Services

If you're looking to produce Hollywood quality DVDs, then you've come to the right place.  DVD Replication is different from DVD Duplication which utilizes blank DVD-R or DVD+R media to burn data onto the disc.  DVDs purchased from retail stores or rented from video stores are Replicated DVDs.  Check out our articles section for more information regarding the differences between CD / DVD Replication vs. CD / DVD Duplication.

DVD Replication is ideal for orders of 500 or more discs.  BurnSmart offers two different types of DVD printing: offset and silkscreen.  Choose from our vast array of packaging options - we offer everything from basic bulk packaging to individualized packaging specially customized to your needs. Feel free to contact us today to get started.

DVD Replication, Bulk Disc DVD Replication, Slim Jewel Case Packaging
Disc in bulk.  Choose from a variety of basic packaging options such as white paper sleeves, poly cases, clamshell cases, and more. more info
DVD Replication, Slim Jewel Case Packaging more info
DVD Replication, Standard Jewel Case Packaging DVD Replication, Cardboard Mailer
DVD Replication in Jewel case more info
DVD Replication, Cardboard Disc Mailer Packaging more info
DVD Replication, DVD Case Packaging DVD Replication, Cardboard Sleeve Packaging
Retail ready dvd replication in DVD case more info
Full color cardboard jackets.  Seal with wafer sticker or shrink wrap. more info
DVD Replication, DigiPak Packaging DVD Replication, Disc Wallet Packaging
CD DigiPak and DVD DigiPak sizes more info
DVD replication in Disc Wallets more info