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Printing Options for CD Duplication

When it comes to printing your duplicated CD or DVD discs, we provide you with the following three options:

Monotone Black Printing

This is the least expensive option but by no means the worst. Your disc design simply may not require full color printing. We have some clients come in with the most simple black text designs, but you're not limited to simple text designs. You can create any design in black and we'll be able to print it for you with this option, so get creative and take full advantage of this printing option.

Monotone Black Printing

Check out our blog entry on Monotone Black Printing to find out more about its many possibilities.

Inkjet Color Printing

If your particular design requires full color, we provide two color printing options: Inkjet and Premium/Thermal, both of which are excellent for any CD DVD duplication project. We use professional inkjet color printers specifically designed to print on discs so you can rest assured of the print quality.

inkjet printing

With Inkjet Printing your image will be reproduced in full color with a matte (or non-glossy) finish.

Premium Color Printing

The difference between Inkjet Color Printing and Premium Color Printing is the difference between printing a color photograph on plain white paper and glossy photo paper.  Both options will render the full range of colors, but premium printing will give you that eye-catching glossiness. Colors are more vivid and your design is given that professional touch. The photo below demonstrates just how polished your premium printed CDs will look - that's our fence and the sun-filled Anaheim sky reflecting off those discs!

premium printed discs

If your CD DVD Duplication project demands a more high quality look, Premium Printing is, hands down, the way to go. Check out our blog entry on Premium Printing for more information.

As always, feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-866-448-0958 for more information.