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Mini FLEX DVD Replication

Mini Flex DVDs are half the weight of standard mini discs.  Mini Flex discs can bend without cracking.  The storage capacity of mini FLEX DVDs is 1.1GB.  These discs play like regular DVDs in both tray loading computer drives and DVD players.  The mini DVDs will not play in slit loading drives such as the PS3 or some Mac computers.

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Mini FLEX DVD Replication
Mini FLEX DVD Replication With Full Color Printing, Bulk Disc
1,000 for $0.70 per disc
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How to Order

To start your Mini FLEX DVD Replication project contact us either by e-mail or by phone. We will set up a formal invoice for you and help you with getting your materials ready.

We need the following before we can start your Mini Flexible DVD Replication project:

  1. Master DVD - Your master can be given to us on a regular DVD-R discs, just make sure that your file(s) does not exceed 1.1GB. We recommend that you provide us with at least copies of your master DVD. Many times, we receive bad masters which will delay your order. Make sure that you check your master disc and make sure it is exactly what you want. We will make an exact replica of your master disc. If there are errors on your master, there will be errors on the discs we replicate.
  2. Artwork - Design your artwork with our art templates. We offer graphic design services if needed, contact us for a quote.
  3. IPR Form - Intellectual property rights form must be filled out and signed.
  4. Payment - Payment must be made in full before we can begin production. Payment can be made in person or by credit card by filling out a credit card authorization form and faxing/emailing it back to us. Our fax number is 714-447-9266. Form can be e-mailed to us at
If you have any questions, please contact us.